Sheet Waterproofing
Membrane- With
Aluminum Layer

Shahr Bam Ayegh Corporation, the pioneer in the manufacturing of several kinds of waterproofing, has established as one of the most dynamic and powerful forces in the waterproofing industry owing to the many years of experience, using state of the art technology, creativity and innovation together with motivated and skilled personnel.
By manufacturing the most variety products, we advise our customers the best solutions on how to prevent their building from water and damp penetration in the shortest time and with the lowest cost and the highest quality.
Shahr Bam Ayegh commitment to innovation and continuous investment guarantees not only satisfying the current needs and wants of our customers but also our fully preparation for the changes and challenges of tomorrow.
Our current product range comprises two kinds of products: Sheet Waterproofing Membranes (With Aluminum Layer and Without Aluminum Layer) and liquid waterproofing and the recent annual capacities are 4000,000 m2 for sheet membranes and 2000,000 m3 for liquids.
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