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Development from a small business to a powerful company in waterproofing industry was no an accidence or a miracle. It has been achieved by systematic planning, continuous effort and believing in three success factors: high quality, innovation and customer orientation.
Shahr Bam Ayegh Corporation was registered under the registration number 756 in 1998, as the manufacturer of several kinds of waterproofing membranes. This company began its activity with the manufacturing of sheet waterproofing membranes and started the production line of polyester in 2007 That fulfills not only the company’s need but also the needs of other companies in the region. Shahr Bam Ayegh was established in an area of about 15,000 Square meters in the industrial zone of Khoy in West Azerbaijan Province and started its production in 1999 by the cooperation of more than 60 technical and administrative staff.
Shahr Bam Ayegh Corporation has a strategic geographical position by reason of being in the transit rout of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia and also near to the Iraq boundaries. In addition to the wide distribution of the high quality products of Shahr Bam Ayegh Corporation in Iran through 170 official agencies, they are also exported to several countries such as Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and some other neighbor countries and is expanded continuously.
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